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We make it easy for you to explain, exhibit and validate the benefits of LED street lighting for your constituents. RealTerm Energy provides the information required to make a real case for your municipality’s conversion.


My Constituents want:

My Constituents want:

  • Cost savings
  • Good lighting
  • Safe technology
  • No light trespass into their windows

RealTerm Energy can give me:

  • The experience of a highly-regarded company, allied with municipal associations (LAS and CCM) and praised by the World Bank
  • A proven approach, customizable and recognized by many municipalities across North America
  • A clear proposal, demonstrating the business case in simple terms that I can share with my consitutents
  • Coordinated media relations, to help us get the story out in a positive, effective voice
  • Assistance in addressing concerns and questions from my community
  • The ability to reliably remove workload from our staff and limit risk so they have time for other projects

Did you know? Cities seek us out for their conversions to obtain accurate digital GIS data and electricity rebates from their utility companies.

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