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MyTown, powered by Pingstreet, is a powerful app that allows citizens to easily connect with their local governments and vice versa. Already utilized by over 30 municipalities across North America, MyTown is a free, user-friendly tool that provides citizens with access to a wide range of public notices and events, a customizable garbage and recycling calendar, school and bus alerts, links to their City’s social media pages, hospital wait times and much, much more. MyTown also makes it simple for citizens to report a problem, like a pothole, a street light outage, parking concerns or sensitive information anonymously via the HotLine tool.

MyTown also features a technology-driven component, Smart Maps, that tracks and displays information in real-time by linking multiple IoT devices onto one platform, enabling city staff to track buses, garbage trucks, snow removal equipment, video surveillance, smart street lighting and more.


This level of access and transparency allows residents to feel more connected to their community while staff and elected officials become better informed and more responsive, leading to better government and better communities.

MyTown Starter Package Includes:

Report a Problem

Pothole, graffiti, stoplight, noise


The city's Facebook wall

News & Events

What's happening


Notification Centre

City-related road & sidewalk construction and closures, water-use restrictions and drinking water alerts


Live Twitter feed

Contact Us

Need to know phone numbers, email addresses and directions


Smart Maps

Geo-reporting all information to one display platform


Anonymously report sensitive information for immediate action


Popular Add-ons:

Garbage / Recycling

Waste, recycling, leaf pickup, bin collection

Roads & Planning

City-related road and planning updates


Important information regarding local hospitals such as contact information, addresses, wait times, medical specialties & more


Meet the candidates, where to vote, am I eligible to vote & am I on the voter's list

Overnight Parking

Each license plate number is eligible for 10 parking exemptions per year

Schools & School Bus Alerts

Primary, secondary, separate and public school boundaries, bus or school cancellations

Have Your Say

Provide feedback on MyTown or your city


Information & contacts for your mayor, ward councillor, regional councillor, member of provincial parliment (MPP) & member of Parliment (MP)

Smart Maps, powered by Luciad, unlocks the potential of real-time location intelligence, creating the foundation for next-generation geospatial systems and loT connectivity.


Smart Maps Tile

From safeguarding critical assets to creating the digital infrastructure for smart cities, Smart Maps provides high performance visualizations that allow for the implementation of scalable solutions.

Geospatial Analytics for the Future

The volume of data we produce is growing exponentially, showing no signs of slowing down, as Smart City solutions and new and evolving loT devices proliferate. Smart Maps tracks buses, garbage collection, snow removal, salt distribution, air traffic, train movement, & air and water sensors, among many others.

Crucial Insights in Real-Time

Smart Maps provides the foundation for truly interactive solutions, capable of analyzing and comprehensively visualizing real-time data. Whether in the control room, the board room, throughout city hall, our advanced geospatial analytics enable rapid and informed decision-making.

Smart Maps Features

Smart Lighting

Optimization of light levels based on time of day, traffic and/or weather conditions

Video Surveillance

Enables edge processing applications such as license plate reading, threat detection, traffic congestion

Air Quality Sensors

Monitors and alerts for unhealthy air conditions

Water Quality Sensors

Monitors and alerts for unhealthy water conditions in local lakes, rivers, or public pools

Noise Sensors

Monitor for abnormal levels of noise

Parking Sensors

Enables applications to improve local available spaces

Waste Management Sensors

Monitors trash levels in bins to optimize collection times and routes

Road Temperature Sensors

Alerting potentially icy areas and optimization of sand/salt deployments

Asset Management

Reporting functionality of all lighting and sensors in real-time

HotLine empowers citizens by providing them with the security of anonymity while providing local authorities with critical, real-time information.

HotLine Tile

HotLine enables citizens to anonymously report potentially illegal or sensitive information directly from their smartphone in the form of text and media.

Rapid Reporting for Immediate Action

Citizens can report easily, intuitively and in only a few seconds, incidents that they are witnessing without having to get involved in the situation. These tips are then sent to the city, its law enforcement agencies, or other predetermined organizations for rapid evaluation & action.

Trend Analysis for Improved Safety

As important as the user reports are, HotLine also interfaces with the Smart Maps tile enabling back-end users to see where anonymous tips are coming from within a 250-meter zone within the city. With HotLine’s analytical capabilities, this information is further used to analyze suspicious activity trends and create a geographic visual reference in specific regions of the city.

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