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Our parent company, Realterm, has a 25-year history of real asset and infrastructure development focused on the transportation and delivery of goods and services across the entire global supply chain.


By combining project management experience with innovative financial techniques, RealTerm Energy was launched in 2013 to harness and integrate the technology of LED lighting so that organizations can upgrade to this energy-efficient and cost-saving solution.

Our Parent Company

Founded in 1991
Our parent company, Realterm is a privately-held international on-airport real estate operator and leader in infrastructure and logistics strategies, with installations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Over $2 billion
Early in its history, Realterm expanded beyond airport real estate into transportation logistics and support, and now owns and manages a global portfolio of assets valued at $2.2 billion. 

Efficient Results
RealTerm Energy was founded as the division of Realterm to deliver best-in-class technological, managerial and financial solutions for efficient energy-related projects to municipalities and public authorities.

In today’s world, lowering energy consumption by up to 70%, virtually eliminating maintenance costs and markedly reducing greenhouse gasses are results that are simply too significant to ignore.

RealTerm Energy is proud to be at the forefront addressing these critical initiatives

50 to 70%
Savings with LED light

Did you know? We’re part of a revolution that is permanently transforming the municipal landscape. Our solutions make energy efficiency affordable and sustainable.

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