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As a Utility Staff Director, I can look to RealTerm Energy as a partner in this project who will ensure a successful outcome and satisfied citizens.


My Board Wants

My Board wants:

  • Cost savings
  • Good lighting
  • Safe technology
  • Enhanced quality of life for our citizens
  • Transparent, value-based procurement of equipment and installation
  • Expert assistance that respects our democratic principles and autonomy
  • A choice between a complete turnkey offering or a range of services that suits our needs

RealTerm Energy can give me:

  • The experience of a highly-regarded company, allied with several public agencies and praised by the World Bank
  • A proven approach, customizable to our utility’s needs
  • A clear proposal, demonstrating the business case in simple terms that I can share with my Board
  • Coordinated media relations, to help us get the story out in a positive, effective voice
  • Assistance in addressing concerns and questions from my community
  • Sustainable development in our community through the hiring and knowledge-transfer to local labor
  • The ability to reliably remove workload from our staff and limit risk so they have time for other projects
  • A Wide Range of Service Choice

Did you know? Our teams have worked with over 25 different utilities to successfully complete energy saving streetlight conversion projects

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