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As a Utility Staff Person, I know that RealTerm Energy and I share the same goal of wanting to execute a project whereby our crew is proud of their involvement.



My team wants :

  • A concise and reliable business case analysis
  • A complete Asset Inventory
  • Proven expertise
  • Transparent, value-based procurement of equipment and installation
  • Projects that meet our budget and deadlines
  • A successful professional result for a highly visible project
My Team Wants

RealTerm Energy can give me:

  • A real turnkey solution that requires very little input or supervision from me or my team
  • A low-risk project with a big pay-off, on-time and on-budget (or below)
  • Durable equipment with a long warranty and little need for service
  • A complete and up-to-date inventory of all of our street lights
  • A full asset management database of our street lights, including all of their attributes
  • Supervision and/or training of installation crews plus significant knowledge-transfer
  • Friendly, competent people to work with who want to exceed our expectations
  • Quick responses when there are community concerns

Did you know? Our teams have worked with over 25 different utilities to successfully complete energy saving streetlight conversion projects

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