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Control More Than Your Light Levels: 

How Lighting Controls Provide Utilities with a Great Opportunity to Lower Maintenance and Operating Costs While Increasing Service Levels

This White Paper provides a summary of the numerous benefits of adaptive controls, an overview of current industry norms and some advice on how to overcome the obstacles common to this type of technology, such as networking complexity and lack of standardization.


Get a Hold of Your Assets:  Why Utilities Should Conduct a Geospatial Audit of Their Streetlights

Utilities require accurate information about their assets to properly assess and prioritize alternatives in terms of ongoing programs and capital deployments. However, very few have either the time or the internal resources to get an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory. Many others have multiple inventories with dramatically different numbers and many key asset descriptors missing in action.


Our new white paper offers a good overview of the current state of the average utility streetlight inventory and the benefits of adding a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based inventory. Some considerations for incorporating this into ongoing asset management efforts and 8 other benefits are provided.  

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Death by a Thousand Specs: How Counterproductive RFP Norms are Limiting Results

How value based RFPs are better for you, your chosen vendor, and your citizens

Do you have to develop an RFP for LED streetlights but don’t know where to start? Are you considering other options or how to improve on your existing procurement process?  Would you like to maximize the value of a planned procurement?      

Our white paper provides an overview of current norms that drive most municipal and utility RFPs for lighting services and provides some considerations for utilizing lifecycle costing, value-based scoring, and more consultative processes to improve end results.



Fear and Loathing in Lighting: Putting Anxieties Back into Context

LED Streetlights and Human Health

Did you know that the Oxford Dictionary word of the year is post-truth? The recent hype around perceived health effects of LED street lighting contains many exaggerations, half-truths, misrepresentations and other post-truth nonsense. The truth is LED streetlights are a fiscally, environmentally and socially sound choice for communities and utilities across the globe.  


Our white paper provides an overview of the recent controversy over perceived health effects of LED street lighting and how to mitigate issues through robust product selection, photometric design and public consultation processes.



How Many People Does it Take to Change a Streetlight?

Infrastructure Challenges and LED Streetlight Upgrade Installation Best Practices

The complexity and resources required to upgrade a streetlight network to LED depend upon the state of the current infrastructure, the scale of the project, and the desired outcome in terms of project management and product performance. 

Find out more about the many challenges surrounding the current state of streetlight infrastructure across North America, as well as installation and project management best practices related to LED upgrade projects.



How Photometric Design Enhances Energy Savings and Asset Management

Did you know that both municipal and utility streetlight inventories often significantly differ from what’s actually on the street, sometimes by up to 15%? In addition to a wide range of safety considerations, good design yields in significant upfront and ongoing cost savings. Good design means moving beyond a simple one for one fixture replacement.

This brief white paper details what photometric design is and how good design provides optimal energy savings while providing safe streets.



Did you know? Cities seek us out for their conversions to obtain accurate digital GIS data and electricity rebates from their utility companies.

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