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New LED Streetlights Coming to Meaford

November 17, 2015

Meaford, ON – New Light-Emitting Diode (LED) street lighting will soon be implemented on the streets of Meaford as an outcome of the Municipality’s decision to introduce durable solutions when renewing public infrastructure. The sustainable upgrade is expected to reduce streetlight energy consumption by 61% and cut streetlight maintenance costs by approximately 80%.


“The Municipality of Meaford is always looking for opportunities to be more efficient and find more cost effective, sustainable services. When LAS provided us with an opportunity for a streetlight conversion program, with potential energy savings of up to 61%, it fit in easily with the strategic goals of the Municipality,” said Mayor Barb Clumpus.


The Municipality entrusted RealTerm Energy and its official partner LAS (Local Authority Services) with the task of providing a turnkey solution for the conversion of its 720 streetlights. “Their LED Program provided industry expertise and analysis, providing full GIS mapping capability and long term asset data which was something the Municipality did not have in-house,” confirmed Darcy Chapman, Director of Financial Services and Infrastructure Management. “The Municipality will also benefit from an IESO incentive of nearly $70,000 which will offset the total cost of the upgrade.  As well, the energy cost savings will be utilized to offset capital costs over a 10-year period.”


While consuming less energy, LED fixtures are also proven to reduce light pollution. Their beams are designed in such way to diffuse light in a more targeted manner than traditional streetlights, hence reducing glare and lighting only specific areas. Upgrading to LEDs is also an environmentally conscious choice, for it will allow Meaford to reduce its emission of greenhouse gases by 22 metric tonnes per year: the equivalent of the carbon removed by more than 560 tree seedlings grown for ten years.


More than 130 Ontario municipalities have already appointed Realterm Energy and LAS for their LED streetlight upgrades, including Owen Sound, The Blue Mountains and Barrie.


Project Overview


Total number of streetlights

720 (583 cobra head and 137 decorative)

Electricity consumption reduction


Estimated Annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction

22 metric tonnes


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