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North Stormont to Get Savings and Sustainability from LED Streetlights

November 21, 2014

This collection of municipalities known for its maple tree-lined boulevards is preparing to see those roads in a whole new light as installation begins this week to upgrade its entire street light system to energy-efficient, light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The 440 new lights are expected to reduce North Stormont’s streetlight energy consumption by 77% and bring down the cost of lighting them by 76% in the first year alone. The savings is expected to be so substantial that the project, over time, will pay for itself.

“Due to the fact that in roughly three years the LED streetlights will be paid for through the savings of electricity, that’s very important for us because we need to save money any way we can to keep going with the same services,” said North Stormont Mayor Dennis Fife. North Stormont Public Works Superintendent Blake Henderson agreed. “The main thing was how to be more self-sufficient and sustainable,” Henderson added. “You don’t have a lot of money to work with so you try to find ways to do things like this that will help the township in the future.”

The township is also expecting to save up to 80% on streetlight maintenance since LEDs last three to five times longer than the high-pressure sodium bulbs they are replacing.  North Stormont joins more than 80 Ontario municipalities in the past 12 months that have chosen RealTerm Energy and its project partner, Local Authority Services Ontario (LAS), to lead their LED streetlight upgrade, including North Grenville.

Overview Projected Savings - North Stormont, ON

Number of fixtures


Electrical Consumption Savings


Energy Cost Savings


Maintenance Cost Savings


Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction over life of luminaire

635 metric tons over lifetime of LEDs – the equivalent of the GHG removed by 16,282 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

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