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Sioux Lookout Lights Up with New Eco-Friendly Initiative

June 03, 2015

SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON –The Municipality of Sioux Lookout is upgrading its streetlight system to energy-efficient, light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights to reduce energy costs and provide a smarter environmental option. Installation crews will upgrade all of the Municipality’s 539 streetlights beginning this week. The new fixtures are expected to help reduce the Municipality’s street lighting electrical consumption by 74%.


Like many communities, Sioux Lookout was searching for energy-efficient infrastructure solutions that provided cost savings and improved its environmental footprint. “The installation of LED street lighting will significantly reduce electricity and maintenance costs, replacing outdated and expensive sodium lights. Plus, the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the financial incentives available made it a smart decision for the Municipality”, explained Ann Mitchell, CAO.


LEDs produce a clear, white light that improves night visibility and community safety. The beams of LEDs are also more targeted than traditional streetlights to light only the streets and roadways, which helps reduce light pollution. LED streetlights also last three to five times longer than the existing streetlights reducing maintenance costs by up to 80%. 


Over 110 Ontario municipalities have chosen to upgrade to LED street lighting with LAS and RealTerm Energy in the past 12 months including Marathon, Schreiber and Barrie.


Sioux Lookout Project Overview

Total number of fixtures


Electrical Street Lighting

consumption savings


Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction over life of luminaire

846 metric tonnes over lifetime of LEDs – the equivalent of the GHG removed by more than 21,692 tree seedlings grown for ten years.


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