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    City park path at dusk lighted by LED lights

    LED lighting

    LED Street Lighting

    An LED streetlight conversion begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and includes an interactive approach to assist you in preparing the business case to take the project to the next step.

    Smart Controls

    Smart Controls are precise and essential monitoring functions for specific streetlight fixtures. They are designed to maximize energy savings, minimize maintenance, and more.

    Small town street with cars and light pole in foreground

    Smart cities

    MyTown App

    Developed specifically for small and medium-sized municipalities, MyTown, powered by Pingstreet, is a free, user-friendly and powerful app that facilitates two-way communications between citizens and their local governments.

    Asset Management Platform

    Most utility companies have no accurate inventory of their streetlight network. We record critical data for asset management that includes exact locations, existing HID wattage, site conditions and over a dozen more key parameters.


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      Aerial view of mid-size municipalityAerial view of mid-size municipalityAerial view of mid-size municipalityAerial view of mid-size municipality
      LED light poles in residential are

      Upgrade to LED exterior lighting

      Converting exterior lights to LED offers enormous benefits, including significantly lower energy & maintenance costs and a reduction in greenhouse gases. We offer a full gamut of services for LED upgrades, from performing an in-depth streetlight and infrastructure audit with GIS & geomatics and LUX Mapping to offering you community outreach services, installation & commissioning, financing and maintenance. We perform LED conversions for municipalities, utilities, hospitals, universities and schools.

      Smart Lighting Controls

      Smart Lighting Controls enable owners to adjust lighting to appropriate conditions (including ambient light and road conditions), set schedules, and monitor their systems remotely in real time. They offer real value in terms of reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, lower maintenance and operating costs, enhanced asset management, and improved public safety.

      Picture of large office building

      BrainBox AI

      Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems account for up to 45% of total energy usage in buildings. Inefficient and poorly designed systems are costly to manage, often ineffective at maintaining comfort levels and major producers of greenhouse gases. This Smart Building HVAC technology, courtesy of our sister company BrainBox AI, uses self-adapted artificial intelligence technology to deliver you significant savings and dramatically reduce carbon emissions, enabling a self-operating building.

      Picture of brightly lit hallway

      LED & Smart Interior Lighting

      17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial buildings is for lighting, making it the largest end use of electricity. Converting interior lights in municipal buildings, hospitals, universities and schools to LED offers major savings. Not only does the upgrade help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas consumption, it offers significant operational and maintenance savings.

      MyTown App

      Becoming a Smart City offers wide-ranging benefits including expanding citizen engagement & satisfaction, attracting new residents & businesses and facilitating tourism. Developped specifically for small and medium-sized municipalities, our MyTown application for citizens and tourists is free, user-friendy and powerful. It facilitates two-way communications with local governments and offers a wealth of information about your town such as access to public notices and events, customizable garbage and recycling calendars, school and bus alerts, hospital wait times and much more.

      Middle-aged man working at computer in front of city lights

      Smart Maps Asset Management Platform

      Our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform enables cities to streamline operations & maintenance, make more enlightened decisions and increase responsiveness to citizens. It offers small- to mid-sized cities a surprisingly affordable way to comprehensively visualize multiple data points in real-time using geo-reporting. It allows municipalities to track buses, garbage collection, snow removal, salt distribution, air traffic and train movements, monitor air and water quality or smog levels, and much more.

      Knowledge Network interface

      Smart City Knowledge Network

      Our Smart City Knowledge Network has everything you need to successfully make your city even Smarter. It’s a social network exclusive to those in the Smart City realm and is targeted to municipal employees.

      • It connects you to other Smart Cities to share best practices, vendor ratings and recommendations
      • Smart City Market Place allows you to see and interact with key vendors in the Smart City space
      • It offers once-click access to your Smart City Asset Management Platform, your MyTown citizen portal, and your Smart Building metrics.
      About us
      Team collaborating around a table

      Our mission is to develop and implement the smartest technological solutions to deliver maximum value to you, our customers, saving you time, money, and energy, while positively affecting the environment and connecting people in it.

      Our experienced teams include experts in software development, GIS & geomatics, lighting design, sensor deployment & IoT (Internet of Things) devices, data aggregation & analysis, procurement, project management, installation supervision & commissioning, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and financing & incentive/grant sourcing. We also have teams specialized in community and public relations to help you garner citizen support and positive media coverage for your project.

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