RealTerm Energy Gives Back on Earth Day 2017

“The earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry

A clean-up crew, in the form of RealTerm Energy team members, recently gathered at Montreal’s Mount Royal Park to spend a sunny afternoon collecting trash on the mountain. After the long winter, the mountain was in dire need of a good clean-up, and we were proud to help.

This latest company outing, to mark Earth Day 2017, is yet another example of how everyone at North America’s leading LED streetlight integrator is committed to conservation. Managing Director – Business Solutions, Kerry Wilson, shared, “We really do strive to make a difference in the communities where we’re engaged or located. Since Montreal is home to our Canadian headquarters, we wanted to contribute to keeping the city green and beautiful.”

Several hours of picking up debris resulted in a great feeling of accomplishment through their common goal of environmentalism. Working outdoors was a bonus, too. “If you look at photos from our event,” observed Human Resources Business Partner, Militsa Paunova, “you’ll see a lot of smiles. It was the perfect formula: plenty of sunshine, great camaraderie and a positive impact on our local greenspace.”

Team members, outfitted with gloves, t-shirts and hats for the task, are proud of the work they do in- and now, outside, of the office. The afternoon, organized by the firm’s social committee in conjunction with the City of Montreal, was capped off by an in-house celebration.

RealTerm Energy’s municipal clients who have completed their LED streetlight conversions see a 50%-70% reduction in energy consumption and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%. The firm is dedicated to helping communities achieve savings and sustainability.

Photos of the event were shot by the firm’s Energy Efficiency Specialist and in-house photographer, Csaba Demze.