LED Streetlights Coming to the Town of Orangeville

ORANGEVILLE, ON – Installation of energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights has begun in the Ontario Municipality of Orangeville. All of the Town’s 2,183 cobra head streetlights as well as all of the main decorative fixtures along Broadway will be replaced. A partnership providing a turnkey solution that includes financing and installation of the streetlights made it easy for Orangeville to pursue an LED retrofit and make savings and sustainability a reality.

“The relationship Orangeville has with RealTerm Energy is a perfect example of how PPP (Public-Private-Partnerships) can yield dividends for both municipalities and the private sector,” said Mayor Jeremy D Williams. “This represents a win-win for all involved. Renewed infrastructure without public funding, reduced burden on taxpayers through lower costs and a substantially smaller impact on our environment.”

The upgrade is expected to reduce streetlight energy consumption by 58% and cut streetlight maintenance costs by 80% because LEDs last four times longer than the Town’s current streetlights. In addition to being energy-efficient, LEDs provide a white, clean light that shines in more targeted beams reducing light pollution and increasing visibility and safety. LEDs are also more environmentally friendly by annually reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 76 metric tonnes, the equivalent of the carbon removed by nearly 1,950 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

The program allowing Orangeville to act now on LEDs is an innovative, cost-saving strategy known as an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). The ESPC provides initial project financing from RealTerm Energy who manages the purchase and installation of the new streetlights and shares the energy and maintenance costs savings once the LEDs are in use over a 10-year period. During this time, RealTerm Energy will be responsible for the maintenance expenses associated with the streetlights. “The largest barrier faced by municipalities that wish to upgrade to LED streetlights is the initial investment required. RealTerm Energy’s financial assistance made it possible for Orangeville to move forward with our turnkey program, not have to worry about upfront costs and share in the savings, getting money back every month,” said Kerry Wilson, Managing Director, Business Solutions at RealTerm Energy.

Orangeville Hydro will be assisting with the actual installation.

To date, over 130 municipalities in Ontario have chosen to upgrade to LED street lighting with LAS and RealTerm Energy including Caledon, Grand Valley and Barrie.

Project Overview

Total number of streetlights 2,183
Electricity consumption reduction 58%
Estimated Annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction 76 metric tonnes – the equivalent of the GHG removed by 1,949 tree seedlings grown for ten years.