New LED Streetlights Being Installed in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, ON – Niagara Falls residents are about to see improved street lighting at night while the City saves money in an energy-efficient upgrade to light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights. Installation is in progress to replace nearly 8,400 streetlights and will be complete by the end of the year.

The new LEDs will help reduce Niagara Falls’ energy consumption by 57% and maintenance costs by up to 80% because LEDs last four times longer than the City’s existing streetlights. The City will also benefit from an IESO incentive available for replacements completed in 2015.

Niagara Falls’ City Council selected Local Authority Services (LAS) and its partner RealTerm Energy to assess the existing street light network, create an energy efficient and cost-effective lighting design, and coordinate the purchase of the new LED lights from CREE Canada, one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers. “Our partnership with RealTerm Energy allows us to fast track our LED Streetlight Retrofit Project so that we can achieve three important objectives: improved public safety, the mitigation of increasing hydro electricity costs and reduced energy consumption,” said Geoff Holman, Director of Municipal Works.

In addition to using far less energy than the City’s existing streetlights, LEDs produce a clear, white light that improves night visibility and community safety. The white light provides better visibility for people on the roads while the targeted lighting reduces light pollution. LEDs are also more environmentally friendly by annually reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 249 metric tonnes, the equivalent of the carbon removed by more than 6,385 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

“The City of Niagara Falls became our 100th Municipality to upgrade to LED streetlights and we are proud to help the City take this step in energy and cost savings,” said Kerry Wilson, Managing Director, Business Solutions.

To date, over 130 Ontario municipalities have chosen RealTerm Energy and LAS to lead their LED streetlight upgrades including Barrie, Innisfil and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Project Overview

Total number of streetlights 8,394
Electricity consumption reduction 57%
Annual Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction 249 metric tonnes – the equivalent of the GHG removed by more than 6,385 tree seedlings grown for ten years.