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Georgina Shines a Light on Energy and Cost Savings

July 28, 2015

LED Conversion Begins 


(Georgina, ON) Georgina residents are about to see things in a new light, literally. Starting this week, work gets underway converting Georgina’s 4232 streetlights to LED which is expected to take about 6 months to complete.


“We are excited to be implementing this green technology that Council approved in the 2015 budget. This initiative is a win-win as we will be saving money while also lessening our impact on the environment as LED lights are about 60 per cent more efficient than old streetlight technology. Many municipalities are moving in this direction, and I think residents will be happy with the end result,” says Dan Pisani, Director of Operations and Engineering.


LED (Light Emitting Diodes) streetlights are extremely energy efficient, have long life spans (over 20 years), and produce better color and light quality than typical High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights which Georgina currently has. In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, LED lights also offer: reduced outages, more even distribution of light, increased visibility to pedestrians and motorists, and reduced maintenance costs.


The program allowing Georgina to move forward with LEDs is an innovative, cost-saving strategy known as an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). The ESPC provides initial project financing from RealTerm Energy, the company managing the purchase and installation of the new streetlights. In return, both Georgina and RealTerm Energy will share in the Energy & Maintenance savings for a period, as these costs are repaid. Georgina is not required to put up any of the initial cost and in fact, will receive approximately $33,000 per year back from the savings. RealTerm Energy will operate and be responsible for all streetlight maintenance for the full 10 years of the contract.


During the installation of the lights, it’s expected that residents and business owners will experience only minor impacts. There will be no construction sites, as crews will be mobile during the installation phase. Proper traffic control will be in effect with clear signage directing motorists around the installation locations.


Project Overview


Total number of streetlights


Estimated municipal energy cost savings per year


Electrical consumption savings


Annual Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction

150 metric tonnes - the equivalent of the GHG removed by more than 3,846 tree seedlings grown for ten years.


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