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New York State Municipalities to Benefit from Partnership Between Troy & Banks Inc. and RealTerm Energy

March 15, 2017


Buffalo, NY – Troy & Banks Inc., a professional cost management and consulting firm specializing in solutions to reduce utility and telecommunications expenses, has partnered with RealTerm Energy, a North American leader in providing energy-efficient, LED street lighting conversions. This collaboration will benefit municipalities seeking additional cost savings resulting from the installation of LED lighting.


The reduction of utility (electricity, gas, street lighting, water, sewer) and telecommunication expenses for municipalities is made possible by Troy & Banks' auditors identifying errors in utility and telecommunication rates, tariffs and service options. One of Troy & Banks’ core specialties is the forensic audit of municipal street lighting accounts nationwide.  These audits have recovered over $10 million in refunds to local municipalities and businesses. Troy & Banks has serviced over 15,000 clients worldwide and is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.


RealTerm Energy specializes in mapping current street lighting levels using its proprietary Lux Mapping™ technology and in the design of intelligent LED street lighting systems that deliver significant energy and maintenance savings. With offices in the US and Canada, the firm has provided cost-effective conversions to communities of all sizes across North America with the total value of its projects to date exceeding $76 million. RealTerm Energy enables municipalities to easily convert their streetlight network to LED by offering complete turnkey solutions, project financing, procurements or project management consulting.


In November 2015, New York State passed a law entitled the “Streetlight Replacement and Savings Act”.  This law paved the way for municipalities to request that the local utility provide a price for the municipal purchase of the leased street light system. Ownership of the lighting system combined with an LED conversion of lights offers an enormous opportunity for short and long term cost savings for a municipality.  An LED upgrade also leads to a greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and delivers additional environmental benefits.   


Together, the firms will now be able to offer New York State municipalities a two-fold advantage: the prospect of reclaiming past monies owed to them by utilities plus the marked cost savings of an LED streetlight conversion performed by industry leaders.


"We look forward to working collaboratively with RealTerm Energy to bring yet another benefit to our client base. There are tremendous opportunities for municipalities across the state to put dollars back in their budgets due to our teaming up with RealTerm," shared Troy & Banks' Founder and President, Thomas T. Ranallo. The feeling is mutual according to RealTerm Energy's president, Sean Neely, "Our teaming up with Troy & Banks expands both firms' suites of services which ultimately benefit any municipality we work with. It is a win/win for all involved."


For more information about Troy & Banks, please click here.


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