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LED Streetlight Upgrade to Bring Savings to Arnprior

July 23, 2014

Arnprior, ON – RealTerm Energy is proud to serve the town of Arnprior in the Ottawa region by upgrading its streetlights to energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs). Installation crews will be changing all of the town’s 812 cobra head style streetlights beginning the end of July. The town has chosen Local Authority Services (LAS) and its partner RealTerm Energy to assess its existing street light network, create an energy efficient and cost-effective street lighting design and coordinate the purchase and installation of the new LED lights from CREE Canada, one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers.


The assessment of Arnprior’s street lighting system performed by RealTerm Energy shows the switch to LEDs is expected to help reduce the town’s energy costs by 69% and maintenance costs by 80% because LEDs last up to four times longer than the town’s existing streetlights. Other benefits of LED fixtures are the clear white light they produce as well as their ability to better target beams onto the streets and roadways. Both these characteristics of LEDs help improve visibility and safety and reduce light pollution.


“We are excited to help the Town of Arnprior take this step in energy and cost savings,” said Sean Neely, RealTerm Energy president. “We understand that lighting is important in such a beautiful town and we’re happy to provide the LED streetlight solution that fits their needs.” RealTerm Energy is leading LED street light upgrades across Ontario communities in more than 50 other cities and towns including North Frontenac and Addington Highlands.


Quick Project Overview

Total number of fixtures: 812

Estimated municipal energy cost savings per year: 69%

Electrical consumption savings: 68%

Annual greenhouse gas reduction: 694 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the LED luminaire. That’s the equivalent of the annual gas emissions from 146 passenger vehicles.


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