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Your LED Savings Can Increase Indoors

October 28, 2014

Photo property and courtesy of Cree, Inc.

Ice arenas, community pools, and other heavy-use indoor facilities are constantly busy! Great for city residents; an energy consumption issue for municipal leaders. LED indoor lights are an energy-saving solution that can also help a municipal budget.

An increasing number of chief administrative officers and leaders in municipal technical services and engineering are looking into opportunities to save between 40% to 80% in average energy consumption in their indoor facilities by replacing existing lighting with energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

  • Efficient – Save 40% to 80% on energy consumption depending on your current lights and the LED lighting design.
  • Precise – LEDs can target light exactly where you want it so you know that you have the exact recommended level of light across each facility.  Make sure you ask for a professional lighting design before you are asked to decide on a solution.                                              
  • Flexible – LEDs can turn on, off, and dim on-demand – instantly.
  • Long-lasting – Reduce your maintenance costs with LEDs that spread light evenly and last four to five times longer than your old lights.

When you research LEDs for indoor use, don’t settle for a one-for-one replacement suggestion that simply puts one new LED of the same wattage in the place of the light that’s in there today. LEDs work differently than traditional lights and can often light an area better while using less wattage.

Cities and towns are already seeing energy savings between 50% to 70% from LED street lights. It’s time to bring that energy savings indoors!


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