October 5-6, 2022 | Bangor, Maine | 2022 Annual Convention

We're thrilled to be hosting a booth at this year's Maine Municipal Association Annual Convention! This in-person conference will feature various training sessions, an Exhibit Hall as well as a Member Appreciation Reception followed by a dinner banquet.


Don't forget to Stop By Booth #90 to Enter Our Google Smart Speaker Giveaway!

BBAI TEMA CML 6 - Maine Municipal Association Presents the 2022 Annual Convention

Come chat with Mark at Booth #90 in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about our streetlight maintenance program and EV charging stations. Also, enter for a chance to win a google smart speaker!

Mark Carter, Vice President, Smart Solutions

Mark Carter, Vice President of Smart Solutions, RealTerm Energy

About the Conference

In honor of its 86th Convention, the Maine Municipal Association has a special Member Appreciation Reception featuring Motor Booty Affair. Check out the recently updated agenda and view the new training sessions added!

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