RealTerm Energy Yields Significant Savings for the Municipalities of East Williston, Warwick and Sodus With LED Streetlight Conversions

RealTerm Energy is partnering with the Town of Warwick and Villages of East Williston and Sodus to convert their current HID (high intensity discharge) streetlights to LED (light emitting diode) technology. These conversions will result in an average reduction in energy consumption of 65% for the municipalities and 75% savings in annual operating costs. In addition, they will cumulatively decrease their energy consumption by nearly 250,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) annually – the equivalent of taking 37 cars off the road.

These conversions are in line with New York’s energy efficiency project, Smart Street Lighting NY, a statewide program announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in his 2018 State of the State address. The program focuses on the installation of at least 500,000 LED streetlights in New York by 2025, which would cut energy use in the State by 482 gigawatt hours per year and save taxpayers $87 million annually.

“We are very excited to be working with RealTerm Energy on this conversion project that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease our streetlight operating costs – money which we will be able to invest elsewhere. What is great about LED streetlight conversions is that they are beneficial to all stakeholders: citizens, municipalities and the environment,” stated David Englert, Mayor of the Village of Sodus.

“The Town of Warwick is excited to partner with RealTerm Energy as we both continue our leadership in the arena of sustainability,” declared Michael Sweeton, Town of Warwick Supervisor.

In addition to the removal of existing fixtures and installation of the new technology, as part of their complete turn-key services, RealTerm Energy will be providing customized lighting design services to all municipalities, ensuring safety, resident comfort and optimized distribution of light for each fixture. RealTerm Energy will also support municipalities in the selection of their new LED light fixtures based on products that best suit their needs, while offering them financing and ongoing maintenance options.

In addition to 6 other New York municipalities and over 200 communities across the Northeastern US and Canada, East Williston, Warwick and Sodus, are the latest in a growing number of communities that have entrusted RealTerm Energy with their streetlight conversion projects.

RealTerm Energy has designed, procured, installed or is in the process of installing over 250,000 streetlights across North America. To learn more about how to embark on an LED streetlight conversion project, please visit our website or contact us directly at [email protected].

About RealTerm Energy

RealTerm Energy is redefining the municipal street lighting market with intelligent LED lighting systems and services that deliver unmatched energy and maintenance savings. We also support municipalities in becoming Smart City-ready through MyTown, our Smart City app and municipal asset management platform. RealTerm Energy creates and fosters long-term partnerships with forward-thinking private, public and government market leaders to deliver innovative and cost-effective lighting solutions that make a real difference. For more information visit, and follow us on Twitter @RealTermEnergy and LinkedIn.