The Ohio Municipal League Names RealTerm Energy as “Best Value Service Provider for LED Street Lighting Conversions”

Street lighting is one of the largest items in the municipal energy budget. Converting to LEDs can greatly reduce energy consumption (40-70%) and costs, reduce maintenance costs, and improve public safety and security. The Ohio Municipal League (OML) believes that towns and cities can utilize the upgrade opportunity to also add a networked lighting control system and smart city devices to obtain further cost reductions and service enhancements.

Since 1952, the OML has been the voice of municipalities in the state legislature and the guardian of municipal rights. One of the core functions of the OML Service Corporation (OMLSC) is to find and properly vet municipal service providers that can meet the highest standards for the lowest possible cost.

The OML is pleased to announce that it has endorsed RealTerm Energy as a best value service provider for LED Street Lighting Conversions. Upgrading a streetlight network to LED is quite complex and requires some very specialized resources. RealTerm Energy (RTE) has built its reputation for designing and developing the most customized and innovative solutions resulting in increased system performance, greater savings, new revenue streams, and the highest level of customer care in the industry. The OMLSC is pleased to be able to partner with RealTerm Energy to bring its range of valuable services to the Ohio municipal marketplace.

RealTerm Energy is a leader in providing LED street lighting conversions for a broad base of municipal and utility clients. Services include a popular full turnkey service, enhanced asset assessment and business case, smart city services, procurement assistance, and everything in between. In each case, solutions are tailored to the needs of the streetlight owner.

Dedicated to street lighting and related smart city applications, RTE’s expert team has completed over 170 projects across the U.S. and in Canada. RTE’s complete GIS, lighting design, communications, community relations, project management, and client services departments ensure project are completed quickly and properly. Its clients have attested that it is tenacious when it comes to making things right and will work together with all parties involved to resolve any issues that arise during or after a project.