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    City park path at dusk lighted by LED lights

    LED lighting

    LED Street Lighting

    An LED streetlight conversion begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and includes an interactive approach to assist you in preparing the business case to take the project to the next step.

    Smart Controls

    Smart Controls are precise and essential monitoring functions for specific streetlight fixtures. They are designed to maximize energy savings, minimize maintenance, and more.

    Small town street with cars and light pole in foreground

    Smart cities

    MyTown App

    Developed specifically for small and medium-sized municipalities, MyTown, powered by Pingstreet, is a free, user-friendly and powerful app that facilitates two-way communications between citizens and their local governments.

    Asset Management Platform

    Most utility companies have no accurate inventory of their streetlight network. We record critical data for asset management that includes exact locations, existing HID wattage, site conditions and over a dozen more key parameters.


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      Our people

      Our experts are chosen for their expertise, diligence and customer-focused mentality. Meet our team.

      Photo of Angelos Vlasopoulos

      Angelos is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 20 years of corporate accounting, finance and operations experience in private and public sector companies.

      Previously a Vice President at Brookfield Asset Management, Angelos has also held the position of Chief Financial Officer at MediSolution Ltd. and was the Financial Manager at Autodesk's Media & Entertainment Division. He has worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP, and was most recently the President and Chief Executive Officer at Aeson Leeds Inc.. He served on the Board of Directors of Pyrogenesis Inc. for three years.


      Photo of Kerry Wilson

      A founding partner of RealTerm Energy, Kerry brings more than 25 years of experience in investment banking, public/private partnerships, infrastructure development, project finance and commercial brokerage. Kerry develops and maintains the highest standards in our relationships with our municipal clientele and partner firms.

      Kerry has a BA in Economics from the University of Victoria, British Columbia and an MBA from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.


      Mark is responsible for leading and driving strategy & growth across our Smart Solutions portfolio. He has formidable experience directing sales and operations teams at renowned organizations across the U.S., such as Honeywell International, in the automation controls, enterprise software, embedded semiconductor and lighting controls businesses. Mark takes a solutions-sales approach, prioritizing the identification of the customer’s underlying needs.

      Mark holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine.

      Photo of Francisco Reinoso

      Francisco has been directly involved in the management of projects and teams upgrading to LED over 200,000 streetlights in all aspects of Audit, Design, Specification, Estimating, and Project Management including the commissioning of over 50,000 networked lighting controls totaling over $100MM in more than 200 municipalities across North America.

      Francisco brings over 15 years of experience in the private and public sectors, much of that time spent within the environmental lighting industry. He is an active member of the Illumination Engineering Society’s (IES) Street Lighting and Area Conference (SALC), sitting on their Education Planning Subcommittee. He is a voting member of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment.

      Francisco has significant international experience, including in the Argentinian Air Force and as a Deputy Air Liaison Officer for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti MINUSTAH. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the Universidad de la Marina Mercante in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability (MES) from Western University in London, Ontario.

      As a sales and marketing professional, Mike has spent a career developing effective sales processes, strong leadership skills, and building marketing strategies.  The digital landscape has changed the way companies interact with each other and it is imperative for organizations to adapt to that change. He has been involved in several successful B2B ventures working with OEM and IT channel sales customers. In recent years, he was part of the executive team that successfully rebranded and marketed a series of portable electronics devices building the retail sales channel and digital strategy.

      Photo of Yousef Eshaq

      Yousef is in charge of R&D and leads a team of multidisciplinary engineers responsible for lighting design, geomatics, maintenance and software development. Yousef was previously a mechanical engineer at General Electric, where he obtained hands-on manufacturing experience in the lighting industry. He has also held various positions in the aerospace industry, including in aftermarket maintenance and the supply chain.

      Yousef graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with a Business minor from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

      Photo of Alexis Lauzon

      Alexis has worked in our operations team since 2017. He is responsible for developing the project costs and savings projections associated with RealTerm Energy’s projects, in addition to overseeing our Sales Operations team. Alexis has previously managed the procurement team at RealTerm Energy and has held environmental assessment roles in both Quebec and Singapore.

      Alexis has a Bachelor of Engineering in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

      Fredella started in lighting design at RealTerm Energy in October 2016. After years of accumulating intimate knowledge of fixtures and designs, she joined the project management team and is now the Program Manager. In her current role, Fredella leads the Project Management, Field Installation and Procurement departments, and ensures quality, efficiency and timely completion of projects for our clients. She previously held mechanical engineering positions at GE Lighting Solutions and at Riverview Consulting, based in New York. Fredella started her career working with animals, but later returned to school to focus more on sustainable development.

      Fredella has a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

      Paul is an energy and telecommunications entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business development and management.

      Paul has led RealTerm Energy’s market expansion into the U.S. since 2015. Prior to joining RealTerm Energy, Paul was CEO of Poderco, a Central American renewable energy company and CEO of Omniwatt, a solar development company.  Before launching Omniwatt, Paul was the Managing Director of Swisscom Eurospot’s Spanish subsidiary.

      Photo of Steve Harriman

      Steve is a business development professional with 20 years of proven experience in business development, client satisfaction, and customer retention. He was previously Sales Director for Cyclone Lighting in Ontario and also worked at King Luminaire and Stresscrete Group, where he served as Sales Manager for the U.S. Northeast.

      Prior to working in the lighting Industry, Steve was a C.P.G.A. Golf Club Professional with Professional roles at Royal Niagara, Carlisle, Pine Knot and Sunningdale Golf & Country Club.

      David is an Energy and Sustainability Specialist. He came to us from the Renewables Industry and currently overseas our U.S. University initiatives in the expansion and development of the western market. He is a well-versed Business Development Professional with experience in Post-Secondary Education, Solar Lighting, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

      Headshot of Megan Frisa, Sales Director, U.S. South Region

      Megan brings 15 years of experience in business development, marketing, and management in the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability market.  She specializes in driving cost reduction measures to improve customers’ bottom line while creating a more comfortable environment and promoting green initiatives.

      Megan holds a BA from the University of Houston and graduated with honors from the Bauer School of Business Program for Excellence in Selling.  Megan’s focus at RealTerm Energy is to forge partnerships and grow our footprint in US South Region.

      Team collaborating around a table

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      Our management team comes from diverse backgrounds, leveraging the wealth of knowledge different experiences afford. What we have in common: we are dedicated to leading by example, delivering a strong vision and focusing on providing the highest value to every customer we serve.

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