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City park path at dusk lighted by LED lights

LED lighting

LED Street Lighting

An LED streetlight conversion begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and includes an interactive approach to assist you in preparing the business case to take the project to the next step.

Smart Controls

Smart Controls are precise and essential monitoring functions for specific streetlight fixtures. They are designed to maximize energy savings, minimize maintenance, and more.

Small town street with cars and light pole in foreground

Smart cities

MyTown App

Developed specifically for small and medium-sized municipalities, MyTown, powered by Pingstreet, is a free, user-friendly and powerful app that facilitates two-way communications between citizens and their local governments.

Asset Management Platform

Most utility companies have no accurate inventory of their streetlight network. We record critical data for asset management that includes exact locations, existing HID wattage, site conditions and over a dozen more key parameters.


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Smart Buildings

BrainBox AI

Reduce building energy consumption by up to 25% with little to no CAPEX using the world’s first autonomous HVAC technology.

RealTerm Energy + BrainBox AI

Over the past three years, RealTerm Energy has incubated an AI-driven HVAC optimization company that now operates independently as a sister company called BrainBox AI. BrainBox AI is a leader in building automation and creator of the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology designed specifically for HVAC systems in commercial, municipal, and educational buildings. BrainBox AI’s technology converts existing HVAC equipment into autonomous HVAC systems using artificial intelligence and cloud computing and significantly decreases energy consumption and cost, with a short 3-month payback period.

As an official BrainBox AI partner and distributor for the municipal, university, school & hospital markets, we are proud to be at the forefront of a new era in building automation by bringing innovation and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to the built environment, making buildings smarter and greener.