September 26-29, 2022 | Washington, DC | Fall Conference & Expo

We're excited to share that RealTerm Energy is a featured speaker at the Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference & Expo! This in-person conference will include a variety of networking and education opportunities focused on accelerating smart city innovation.

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Join Our Educational Session on Tuesday, 9/27 to Learn How Cities Can Use Streetlights to Fund Smart City Initiatives!

Smart Cities Connect Sept 2022 - Join Us at Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference & Expo

Topic: Smart Infrastructure as a Service (SiAAS): Using streetlights to Fund Smart City Initiatives

When: 1:15-2:05pm in Annapolis 2

Over half the cities in North America have made the conversion to LED lights, but less than 10% have opted to add lighting controls. Providing an additional ~20% in energy savings, adding lighting controls enables communities to remotely schedule and dim lights, reduce power consumption, carbon emissions, and cost. In addition to increasing operational efficiency, LED conversions with smart lighting controls typically result in a 60-80% reduction in energy usage, along with a corresponding reduction in carbon emissions. And the best part is not only can these savings enhance public safety, improve quality of life and the environment, they can be reinvested into your community.. with funding options available. Learn how you can tap into lighting projects (and get them funded) to provide WiFi access, enhance safety, and learn more about the communities you serve.

Join this discussion moderated by Chelsea Collier with Mark Carter, Vice President of Smart Solutions, RealTerm Energy; Don Jacobson, Enterprise Project Manager, City of Las Vegas; and Ubicquia VP, Keith Chinchar to learn how. Attend this session to learn: How to LED streetlight conversion creates massive savings to pay for smart city initiatives at no cost to the municipality. How to incorporate smart city applications to provide value to citizens Best practices and funding models.

Featured Speakers

Mark Carter, Vice President, Smart Solutions

Mark Carter, Vice President of Smart Solutions, RealTerm Energy (speaker)

Keith Chinchar, VP, Ubicquia (speaker)

Don Jacobson, Enterprise Project Manager, City of Las Vegas (speaker)

Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator)

About the Conference

The Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference is a four-day conference filled with learning sessions, workshops, an exhibit hall, and more.  Smart Cities Connect aims at providing valuable content and connecting decision-makers to empower smart cities at all stages. Watch this video to learn more about the Smart Cities Connect Conference:

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