West Springfield, Massachusetts is getting a smart lighting upgrade that includes 2,253 LED streetlights across the entire city. The project, managed by RealTerm Energy, includes Verizon Light Sense smart controls and LTE connectivity.

The project will cut the town's annual street light electricity spend of half a million dollars by 50% and help to raise its Green Community energy reduction goal from 17% to 20% over the next five years, according town officials.

“In addition to the energy reduction, there are substantial cost savings,” said Scott Moore, the director of the Central Maintenance Department in West Springfield. “The project should net over $300,000 per year in savings, and the maintenance costs are far lower than conventional streetlights.”

LED upgrades with smart street lighting systems are sustainable, practical and cost-effective ways for to decrease energy usage and expenses. With smart technologies, small cities and municipalities become “smarter” by addressing citizen concerns, such as safety issues, that improve quality of life for their communities.



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