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City park path at dusk lighted by LED lights

LED lighting

LED Street Lighting

An LED streetlight conversion begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure and includes an interactive approach to assist you in preparing the business case to take the project to the next step.

Smart Controls

Smart Controls are precise and essential monitoring functions for specific streetlight fixtures. They are designed to maximize energy savings, minimize maintenance, and more.

Small town street with cars and light pole in foreground

Smart cities

MyTown App

Developed specifically for small and medium-sized municipalities, MyTown, powered by Pingstreet, is a free, user-friendly and powerful app that facilitates two-way communications between citizens and their local governments.

Asset Management Platform

Most utility companies have no accurate inventory of their streetlight network. We record critical data for asset management that includes exact locations, existing HID wattage, site conditions and over a dozen more key parameters.


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Smart Maps Asset Management Platform

Easy. Affordable.
Revolutionize your management of city assets.

Aerial view of mid-size municipality

MyTown Smart City App

Our Smart City Solution

Our MyTown app for citizens and tourists.

Facilitates two-way communications between the local government and citizens & tourists, and can offer a wealth of information about the city in one single, user-friendly app.

Our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform for municipalities.

Provides a unified platform to municipalities bringing together communication systems, various applications, sensor data, and a cloud repository, all through a single screen interface.

Our Smart City Knowledge Network for municipalities.

Smart municipalities can join other Smart Cities online and share best practices, references, ratings & recommendations for Smart City product & service vendors – everything to get even Smarter at your fingertips.

Man using Smart Maps for smart city on laptop

Smart Maps Asset Management Platform

Get all the information you could ever want about your city on one display

Our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform offers municipalities an infinite amount of information all on one display. It supports rapid and informed decision-making thanks to advanced geospatial analytics and high performance visualizations.

With the highest security protocols and permission-based access, you can decide how much – or how little – data to share with staff. In addition, our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform is fully integrated into our MyTown citizen app, allowing you to share specific information (layers) with your citizens and tourists.

Our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform offers numerous features

Our Smart Maps Asset Management Platform analyzes and visualizes real-time data, like tracking buses, garbage collection, snow removal, salt distribution, air traffic, train movements, air and water sensors, and more – to create the foundation for interactive solutions, informed decision-making and more efficient administrations. In order to obtain the data, sensors must be installed.

An enormous amount of information can be visualized on your Smart Maps Asset Management Platform. Here are a few examples of sensors that can be used to capture information:

Smart Lighting Controls

Optimize light levels based on time of day, traffic, weather conditions.

Video surveillance

Enable applications such as license plate reading, threat detection, traffic

Air Quality Sensors

Monitor and alerts for unhealthy air conditions

Water Quality Sensors

Monitor and alert for unhealthy water conditions in lakes, rivers or public pools

Noise & Vibration Sensors

Monitor for abnormal levels of noise and potential seismic activity


Sewer Drain Level Sensors

Be forewarned to be able to send crews before flooding occurs

Parking Sensors

Enable applications to improve local available parking spaces

Soil Moisture Sensors

Optimize watering schedules, water conservation

Waste Management Sensors

Monitor trash levels in bins to optimize collection times and routes


Road Temperature Sensors

Warn about icy areas and supports optimization of sand/salt deployments

Traffic Light Sensors

Optimize traffic flow by synchronizing traffic lights based on real-time traffic


Fleet sensors

Track your fleet of emergency and non-emergency vehicles

School Bus Sensors

Cameras and trackers can be added to ensure safety